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The Original Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine! • Totally Undetectable! • Has Never Failed A Test!

Frequently Asked Questions - Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Q:  Do you have a store locator so I can locate Quick Fix Synthetic Urine near me?

A: Whenever possible we recommend ordering directly from us to ensure you are getting the most recent batch available, however if you need Quick Fix in a pinch your best bet is to call your local head shop, smoke shop, or adult novelty store to see if they carry our products.

Q: Can Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 6.2 Formulation be detected in laboratory urine tests?

A: No. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is designed to mimic all the components found in natural urine, therefore it is completely undetectable. Since every sample is pre-tested in a laboratory setting, it is impossible to distinguish it from natural human urine coming from both genders and all ages. You can read more about this at our Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine?

Q: I don't have a microwave available, what can I do to get to to temperature?

A: You only have one option and it's a slow preparation. You must remove the Quick Fix urine bottle from the box and apply the heating pad to the back of the bottle as advised, on the opposite side of the temperature strip by using the rubber band provided in the kit. Storing it in your pants or any other warm part of your body will help with the heating process. Leaving the urine bottle with the activated heating pad in a safe, remote location will take the heating pad approximately 45 minutes to warm the urine up to the desired temperature range of 90-99°F. Also keep in mind to give the urine bottle a quick shake before handing it over to create some bubbles.

Q: What is the shelf life on Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

A: 1 year – the longest of any synthetic urine on the market. In every packaging contains a green insert which includes both instructions and manufacturing date. The batch number/manufacturing date of the synthetic urine is located on the top-left hand side of the directions or you can find it stamped on the bottle. It cannot be located anywhere on the bottle itself. The special numerical code will enable us to tell you how old your sample is and when it will expire. You can use our batch verification tool to verify you batch.

Q: Can Quick Fix be reheated if it is not used?

A: Yes. Quick Fix is the only synthetic urine on the market capable of being heated and cooled on a daily basis without compromising the authenticity and validity of the sample itself. If you plan on heating your Quick Fix sample daily, we recommend that you purchase additional heating pads or the Leg Strap which we sell.

Q: What happens if my Quick Fix urine sample freezes?
A: Freezing will not compromises the chemical makeup of the sample. 

Q: I left it in in direct sun light, is my Quick Fix Synthetic okay?

Direct sunlight for extended periods will break down the product, the UV rays from the sun will break down the bio-chemical inside the bottle. We recommend you do not use it if this happens.

Q: What if my Quick Fix urine bottle’s temperature strip doesn’t read temperatures?

A: This is a common mistake which usually happens during the preparation method. If your urine sample is too hot and you do not have an accurate temperature reading, it’s because you’ve overheated your sample. There is no need to panic - this will not affect your sample. Simply leave it at room temperature and let it cool until the green line reads on the temperature strip. The cooling process will take a few minutes, so patience is a virtue. Once it has cooled, you can repeat the process properly for adequate results.

Q: Can two bottles of Quick Fix urine samples be mixed to make one sample?

A: This is possible, so long as they’re both current, unexpired batches. Make sure to confirm all batch numbers prior to usage.

Q: Can I add anything to my Quick Fix urine sample, for instance my own urine?

A: NO. Nothing should ever be added to a sample – adding foreign liquids to a Quick Fix urine sample will compromise the chemical make-up, and could contaminate the sample. The sample itself should never be transferred out of its original bottle – this also runs the risk of compromising its chemical makeup. Every bottle of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has been precisely manufactured, analysed and tested with lab equipment prior to packaging. ALL samples of Quick Fix are sold in the pour-and-go stage.

Q: Is the two-ounce bottle of Quick Fix enough for one test?

A: Yes. The 2 oz bottle of urine will fill a standard testing cup exactly to the line indicating the required minimum. We also offer a Quick Fix Plus version of synthetic urine which contains an additional ounce of urine and fills the testing cup over the minimal requirement line by one ounce. It is recommended in case of accidental spillage.

Q: How is Quick Fix Urine used for Urine Calibration?

A: Urine testing equipment needs calibrated frequently, calibrating an instrument or experimental readings allows for to testing the equipment to maintain it's accuracy. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is so identical to human urine it's use for calibration of EMIT and GC/MS equipment.



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