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The Original Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine! • Totally Undetectable! • Has Never Failed A Test!

Delivery Systems

Delivery Systems are the best way to transport and in some cases dispense your synthetic urine. Always know that your urine is discreetly hidden when you use our delivery systems. Urine not included with any of the delivery systems.

Piss Perfect quick fix synthetic urine whizzinator alternative Piss Perfect with Quick Fix Plus

The Piss Perfect is the perfect solution to discreetly dispensing your synthetic urine for fetish situations.

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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Belt Synthetic Urine Belt

Quick Fix Urine Not Included 

stash-undie1 Stash Undies

Store Quick Fix Urine In a Secure Hidden Front Pocket

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Stash Strap The Stash Leg Strap

Conceal Your Quick Fix Urine!

stickey-hand-warmers Sticky Hand Warmers

Need an Extra Warmer?