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The Original Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine! • Totally Undetectable! • Has Never Failed A Test!

Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Really Work?

Whether you just learned about Quick Fix, or it’s been on your “to-buy” list for awhile, you probably wanna know if this stuff actually works, right? Rest assured, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine will get the job done for you! Since it’s nearly identical to actual, human urine, it can be used - without fail - for any scenario where you need a substitute for your own pee. Quick Fix has been the industry leader in synthetic urine for over 25 years and has been bought (and used) by millions of satisfied customers. But, if you want to dive deeper into what makes Quick Fix so amazing, check out the facts below!

The Quick Fix Formula

The Quick Fix Synthetic Urine formula is the most advanced on the market. Just like the organic urine your body would produce, Quick Fix contains creatinine, uric acid, and urea - along with many other chemical compounds in order to give it its unparalleled, lifelike quality. It even has the same pH balance and specific gravity of real urine. It even looks like pee and foams when you shake it!

A Safer Alternative

The Quick Fix formula is identical to human urine except that it doesn’t contain any of the harmful toxins or bacteria you’d find in your own pee. This provides a safer alternative for our customers. If you’re a wet sex fetishist, you can use Quick Fix to get your kink on without the fear of harming your partner(s). If you work in a laboratory, you can use it when conducting experiments so you don’t have to come in contact with contaminated human urine. Plus, since it has a 2-year shelf life, it allows easy access to bacteria-free urine whenever you need it!

It’s Undetectable

Because Quick Fix has the perfect balance of chemicals, pH, and specific gravity, it’s impossible to tell that it’s not organic urine! Essentially, it’s urine that’s been generated in a lab, rather than the human body. This is why many labs will use it to calibrate their urinalysis equipment or as a control sample in their various experiments.


25+ Years and Counting

Quick Fix has been pioneering in the synthetic urine industry for over 25 years! Since Quick Fix’s premixed solution entered the market in the early 90’s, it has continued to change the game by consistently updating its formula to stay ahead of laboratory standards. Currently on version 6.2, Quick Fix continues to enhance its formula to make it even more realistic while still remaining completely undetectable by lab equipment.

Our Customers

You may be surprised to find there are so many different uses for Quick Fix! We’ve had customers use it for wet sex simulation. We’ve had customers use it to keep deer from invading their gardens. We’ve had customers use it to test out their new line of diaper products. But, by far, our biggest customers are professional, urinalysis laboratories who use Quick Fix to calibrate their equipment. Whatever you plan on using it for, you can count on Quick Fix to provide a safer, cleaner, longer-lasting solution that’s so realistic it even passes as piss in a lab!

Don’t Be Doubtful

Because using synthetic urine is typically a very private matter, it’s rare for people to post reviews for fear of their family, friends, or employers seeing them. But, there are still a few bad reviews online from disgruntled customers who claim Quick Fix didn’t work for them. Since every batch of Quick Fix is pre-tested in our lab before it’s bottled and shipped, these complaints could stem from one of two reasons. Either the instructions were not properly followed or they happened to purchase an expired bottle of Quick Fix.

We’ve recently found out that some sites (including Amazon and eBay) are selling bottles of Quick Fix at a very high discount. But, beware! These products are expired and won’t work! If you have a stash of Quick Fix and wanna be sure it’s not expired, you can to quickly see if your bottle is expired. If you haven’t yet purchased Quick Fix, just make sure you’re buying directly from us or from one of our partners to make sure you get the freshest batch. If the price looks too good to be true, it most definitely is! Don’t risk it just to save a few bucks. 

Quick Fix is Number One!

Don’t worry. Whatever your urine needs are, you can trust Quick Fix to get the job done every time. With millions of satisfied customers (and over 25 years in the industry) to back us up, we’re confident Quick Fix will be the perfect substitute for your own urine. Grab yourself a bottle, or stock up and save with our Quick Fix Value Pack!

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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Quick Fix Synthetic 2oz

Newest 6.3 Formula Pre-mixed with Urea & Uric Acid

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Newest 6.3 Formula Pre-mixed with Urea & Uric Acid

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Value Pack Quick Fix Synthetic 2oz Value Pack

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quick_fix_synthetic_urine_value_pack_6.3 Quick Fix Synthetic Plus 3oz Value Pack

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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Belt Synthetic Urine Belt

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Stash Strap The Stash Leg Strap

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