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The Original Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine! • Totally Undetectable! • Has Never Failed A Test!

Scientific Uses for Synthetic Urine

Most people think of fake pee as a novelty or prank product but your stash of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has more uses than you might think! In fact, fake whiz has a wide variety of uses ranging from practical home projects to some more outlandish applications you might think would live in the science-fiction realm. In this article, we’ve compiled a handful of ways that laboratory-crafted urine has been put to work!

Laboratory Research Using Fake Urine

Because fake pee is guaranteed to be toxin-free, laboratories will use artificial urine for teaching, conducting experiments, and helping with urinalysis equipment calibration. Students can use fake pee to learn how to properly handle and test real urine without worrying about any potential health hazards. Lab technicians use artificial pee to calibrate their equipment and ensure it’s properly working. Even in your home, you can use a bottle of Quick Fix as a control sample to test the reliability of an at-home urine drug test.

laboratory tech using synthetic urine 

Product Testing With Fake Pee

Can that new laundry detergent remove a pee stain from a pair of pants? Can that new cleaning product get the smell of pee out of your carpet? Many consumer products will be tested with fake pee, rather than real urine. Diapers’ absorbency and ability to control leaks is often tested using laboratory pee. Fabrics treated to repel urine are also doused with synthetic urine rather than organic whiz. Even cleaning products that remove urine smells and stains are helped by synthetic urine testing! 

consumer product tested with synthetic urine

Gardening With Synthetic Urine

Did you know that you can use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine as a garden fertilizer? Nitrogen and phosphorus are two main ingredients in urine that can help your little garden of Eden to flourish. Although you can use your own urine in your garden, the bacteria in your pee can cause issues with your plant life. That’s why it’s a better bet to use laboratory urine instead. If you don’t feel like spraying franken-piss all over your salad, simply use it for a scent fence! Animals can smell pee and will be more inclined to stay away from your veggies and herbs. If your local wildlife has a case of the munchies, Quick Fix could be your garden’s quick fix! 

Use Synthetic Urine in your garden


Synthetic Urine in Space

Synthetic urine isn’t just limited to this planet! Researchers are planning on sending gardens to space in future explorations. The plants in these gardens will be getting their nutrients from astronauts’ urine. But, for now, the plausibility of this is being developed and tested using fake whiz. Eventually, we will have gardens in space, on the moon, and on mars that are all fed by urine. Scientists are using fake pee to develop life support systems for space travel as well. Right now, the International Space Station has a system that turns urine into drinking water. This amazing innovation was developed, in part, using synthetic pee! 

synthetic urine uses in space


Urophilia and Quick Fix 

Urophilia is a common sexual fetish were people get pleasure from either peeing on their partner or having their partner pee on them. This fetish is more common and much riskier than you might realize. There are quite a few health and safety concerns with urophilia that make synthetic urine a safer alternative for real, human pee. Piss-play can transmit bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, as well as multiple diseases like Hepatitis, Genital Herpes, and HIV. Although not technically a scientific application for fake whiz, we thought urophilia deserved a spot on this list because you can be “science-smart” by using a bottle of Quick Fix Plus to get your kink on without the risk of transmitting harmful toxins or bacteria to your loved one!

What Will You Use it For?

Synthetic urine has plenty of uses. It can be used by the kinky to get their fetish fix, by gardeners to keep their plants flourishing, by scientists achieving amazing feats, and even by pranksters playing jokes on their friends. Although most people don’t realize it, artificial pee is in our everyday lives. Whatever you plan to use your bottle of Quick Fix for, make sure to stock up and put it to work!

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