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What is a GC/MS Urine Test?

Planning on taking a pee test soon? A urinalysis, or “urine test”, can check for a variety of health conditions ranging from kidney disease to pregnancy. This test is highly specific and is typically used when testing for the presence of a specific illegal substances. A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) urine test is a highly accurate laboratory procedure that analyzes your urine to give detailed results about you, your health, and your habits.

How Do GC/MS Urine Tests Work?

When you eat, drink, smoke, inject, or absorb any chemicals, your body works to break the active ingredients down into chemical compounds called “metabolites”. These metabolites get excreted from your body through your hair, sweat, feces, saliva, and urine. By running a 2oz sample of your urine through a GC/MS device, you can get a highly accurate reading of your urine’s chemical makeup, including the presence and quantity of any metabolites that may be present in your pee. This information can provide valuable insights about your body, what chemicals it’s been exposed to, and how effective it is at processing those chemicals.

gc/ms urine test equipment

GC/MS for Healthcare

Because GC/MS equipment can detect the specific amounts of any substance in your urine sample, it’s a great tool for your doctor to use in order to determine if you have any potential health issues. Regularly scheduled GC/MS urine tests can help monitor any existing health conditions you may have (like diabetes, for example) and provide more insight to your doctor about the effectiveness of your treatments and/or medications.

GC/MS for Drug Testing

Since the GC/MS process is very accurate and sensitive, its also commonly used by employers to determine if their employees have been using illegal substances. By testing a sample of an employee’s pee for drug metabolites, employers can confirm if their employees have been abusing illegal substances or not.

Even though pee tests are fairly commonplace in today’s working world, GC/MS urine tests aren’t typically employers’ first choice. Because they require a laboratory with very specialized equipment, GC/MS urine tests can be quite pricey (about $200 per urine sample analyzed) and take up to one week to receive the results. For this reason, many people who want to conduct urine tests will choose to perform a “urine screen” EMIT (enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique) test first.

emit urine screen product

EMIT urine screens can be done just about anywhere. They’re a lot less expensive than a laboratory urine test and they can give you your results within minutes. However, since they aren’t as accurate as GC/MS tests, they result in a decent amount of false positives. This is why employers will typically execute a urine screen first. Only if the EMIT test shows your urine tested positive for substance abuse will your sample be sent to a lab for a “confirmation test” performed using the GC/MS method.

Quick Fix and GC/MS Urine Tests

Quick Fix was intentionally crafted as a novelty, fetish product; but, because it’s formula is nearly identical to human urine, it can be used to help lab technicians calibrate their GC/MS urine testing equipment. Because Quick Fix is formulated with all the same chemicals and properties of actual pee, but is guaranteed to be toxin free, it provides a cleaner, safer, and fail-proof option for lab techs to use as a control sample for testing their devices. In fact, laboratories are some of Quick Fix’s biggest customers!

Although Quick Fix is still intended and sold for novelty and fetish purposes, its lifelike formula makes it nearly identical to the real deal. If GC/MS equipment can’t even tell the difference between a bottle of Quick Fix and a sample of organic urine, you can be sure Quick Fix will be perfect to fulfill all your urine needs! To top that, Spectrum Labs continues to update the Quick Fix formula to stay ahead of testing standards, guaranteeing they’re crafting the most realistic synthetic urine on the market!

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